Sexual Enhancing Gags Empowering Vulnerability

Sexual Enhancing Gags Empowering Vulnerability

Women Navigating Empowerment & Vulnerability In The Pursuit Of Sexual Pleasure.

Ready to introduce a hot as hell power dynamic into the bedroom? Or kindly and consensually stop your partner from talking? Meet your new fave sex toy: Mouth Gags.

You might know them better as “ball gags'' but that’s just one type of gag on the market. (Yes, there are lots.) Below, you'll find everything you need to know re: gags. Enjoy!


Bondage Boutique Silicone Ball Gag | Silicone Ball Gag $49.95 - 40mm

This is a great ball gag for beginners and even intermediate users. Made from smooth silicone and durable faux leather. It's comfortable, with a good-sized ball to keep your sub quiet, and adjustable fastening to get the comfort and fit you want.

Why might someone be into using gags?

Gags are for someone who wants to try or indulge further into a submissive position or role. Giving up your control and/or power can be stimulating both mentally and sexually to some. Just the opposite for the one in the dominant position: Having someone trust you enough to voluntarily give up their control knowing that you will keep them safe and be responsible is also a big ego boost if not sexually arousing.

The wearing of ball gags is all part of submissive role play and your power exchange. Your mouth also plays a key part in many sexual acts, so relinquishing its ability to behave in a mutual manner changes the dynamic, and can enhance other sensations that are focused on elsewhere. From the moment your partner places the gag in your mouth, it is seen that you are submitting to their control, where they are depriving you of your ability to speak and make clear defined noise. Over time, with your mouth extended unnaturally and forced open due to the ball, you drool in a manner that adds to the kink of humiliation, and your powerless position reinforces a master’s dominance.

Ball gags are also popular with fetishists. Some are sexually aroused by gags and the sound of gagged people — especially during sexual acts — as well as the sight of their drooling uncontrollably. which may certainly lead the gag to be considered a paraphilia. The wearing of a ball gag can also be seen as an act of punishment as well as humiliation. Their needing to be restrained and punished by their dominant partner adds to the BDSM scene of discipline and dominance. For others, the wearing of such a physical object blocking their mouth can trigger a pain arousal, which is all part of their fetish behavior.

Aside from establishing submission, wearing a ball gag also enhances your sexual experience. For the wearer, a ball gag increases mental as well as physical arousal by enhancing their role-play as sub or slave, Not being able to speak during sex adds to their anxiety levels due to their helplessness, and thereby heightens the overall sexual thrill. If none of that sounds up your alley, here's one more compelling reason to give using a ball gag a try: it can lead to a stronger climax. Some larger, non-breathable gags also force the wearer to inhale through their nose, which can limit oxygen, leading to a more intense orgasm.


The Best Gags To Buy


Red Ball Gag & lightweight leather blindfold | $49.95 

Gag and Blind with this all in one set! Enticing Red Ball Gag & lightweight leather blindfold takes away your sight to heighten your other senses, keeping you guessing while your partner has their way with you while increasing pleasure. 

What Type Of Gag Do I Use?

Let's just say there's lots, and lots, and lots of versatility. For starters, there are breathable and non-breathable gags with breathing holes and gags come in many different shapes and sizes—and not just in the shape of balls. There are ball gags, bit gags, open mouth gags, harness gags, dildo gags, etc.

They also come in different dimensions for larger or smaller mouths. As a rule of thumb: “You want the ball gag to be large enough to prevent them from talking, but not so small that they can talk. The purpose is to have them in this submissive position.”

“Most of the differences will be with the design of the straps coming in silicone, leather, or a fabric,” Sparks says. "But some gags are shaped like horse bits, penises, have attached nipple clamps, or just an O-shaped metal ring to keep your submisive’s mouth open.”


Eco Leather Bondage Boutique Advanced Breathable Ball Gag | $45.94 

With a sturdy PVC ball that has air holes for prolonged bondage and flexible corners on the soft Eco Leather Strap. Perfect for both beginners and more experienced enthusiasts of bondage.

How To Safely Use A Gag

With any form of BDSM play (or sexual experience in general), there’s stuff to discuss and rules to establish before you begin. First things first: You need 100 percent enthusiastic consent. Getting full consent in the form of a ‘fuck yeah’ and not a ‘we’ll see’ is the type of agreement that you want.

Another topic of conversation before playtime should be aftercare. In the initial discussion, ask your partner what type of aftercare they would like to receive once you have finished the role play or scene. Some people like to be held, others need a blanket as they may experience a chill from all of the adrenaline, while others just need a glass of water and a few minutes to re-center themselves.

Next? Discuss safe actions and not words (since your partner and/or submissive will not be able to speak while gagged). Some suggestions: If the gagged partner’s hands are free, Sparks suggests that they use one, two, or three fingers to tap you to express an “I need a break from this scene” or “stop immediately” or “I’m okay, continue.”

If they’re tied up, she recommends giving them a squeaky toy to hold and squeeze one, two, or three times instead.

As the one in the dominant position, it’s important to check in on your partner frequently and not get caught up in what you are focused on like spanking, flogging, or humiliation. Never leave someone with a gag alone or not without a straight unobstructed view of them, and the same is true of someone tied up. You want to be able to release them immediately if they can’t breathe or have an anxiety attack. We don't always know what may trigger someone until we are right in the middle of a role play, so it’s best to stay close.

Last but definitely not least, remember that the person gagged won’t be able to breathe through their mouths, so they need a clear passageway through their nostrils at all times. That’s why she advises against using gags when the receiver has a cold, the sniffles, a sinus infection, or even an upset stomach.


Silicone Bit Gag Soft Bite Down Gag | $49.95 

The strap is soft and flexible for more comfort during your wildest adventures. The bit itself is made of very soft and smooth silicone and is gentle on your skin and teeth.



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