We are Body Positive!

We are Body Positive!


Your body is a wonderland

Celebrating ourselves,

It can be easy to believe that there is one “standard” size in the world of lingerie. With all the glam and touch ups of the media and what we had placed in our delicate minds on how one should strive to appear and what was beautiful!

Good Bye! To that and welcome ladies to the Positive body movement.

Dismissing the need for surgery's and with more naturally shaped women being bought in to play. We are so lucky to be living in an exciting era in which body confidence and sizing is something that is becoming more discussed and social media is advancing the chances of women everywhere, of every shape, to have a say and of course display how the generations of woman after us should and will embrace what there mothers gave them!

You don’t have to be a model to look and feel beautiful in your underthings. Because you are beautiful no matter your size or shape.

We provide highly detailed and stunning hand made pieces for all shapes and sizes. Because we love self love!.

With Love, Duchess and Daisy. x 

 Ps: We would love to see your body confidence and share it with others who may need to find there's, so be sure to enter our Queen of Hearts Competition.

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