About us

Beautiful, metaphorical and whimsy, balancing femininity, the erotic and the playful.


Welcome to Duchess and Daisy,

An Australian Lingerie Boutique. Founded and self funded by women who wanted to share indulgent quality pieces of lingerie with other women, with diversity that couldn't be found in the local chain retailer or fancy store at the mall. Reclaiming lingerie as a source of body empowerment, instead of self-objectification. We are about dedicating the time to find and feel a level of comfort with your own body, in your own space and time, whilst providing all women with confidence to show that comfort off if they feel the urge. By providing quality intimates in all shapes and sizes designed to inspire the feeling of self love. Insisting that lingerie ‘Is not about wearing it for him’. We truly believe that ‘She wears it for her because she is a goddess and deserves to feel like one'. - Because you don't need a lover to love lingerie.

"When i wear lingerie i feel uplifted, I have this mood of euphoric femininity. I may be wearing sweats, work clothes, casual jeans or a summer nights dress. But i have this luxurious layer that entices my figure, making me feel dainty, risque, erotic, playful, sultry and no one has to know except me. This is thrilling and undeniably enpowering."




So join us!. We would love to be your guide, because when it comes to body-positive lingerie and self-love it’s totally up to you to start the adventure.