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Heat things up with a Massage Candle

Self Love, Relaxation, Increase circulation, stimulate organ function, helps your body detox, improves sleep, nourish the skin, Creates Intimacy, Aromatherapeutic benefits - What isn’t amazing about Massage Candles!

Imagine this. You settle in at home after a long day of work, eager to unwind. You set the mood by dimming the overhead light, turning on your favorite mellow music, pouring yourself a glass of wine and lighting your new favorite massage candle. You hop in the shower to rinse off and eliminate any lingering stress. By the time you come out, your room now filled with a peaceful aroma. The massage candle flickers beautifully as it melts into sensual organic oils. It is exactly what you need, what you’ve been yearning for all day. You blow out the candle and proceed to pour the deliciously scented oil into your palm. It’s warm and absorbs softly as it glides over your skin. As a treat for working so hard, you give yourself this moment of relaxation, massage and meditation Can you feel the magic? In today’s racing society, massage candles are a great tool to cultivate self-love.



Regular Candles Vs. Massage Candles

Massage candles burn at a lower temperature, and the wax it produces is skin-safe, so you can enjoy sensual time without risking any burns. Massage candles are usually made from soy wax or beeswax (which melts at 102 degrees Fahrenheit, slightly higher than average body temperature), blended with cocoa or shea butter, jojoba oil and essential oils. The low melting point designed to make space for the relaxing ritual that’s about to happen. Unlike regular candles made from paraffin wax, massage candles melt into oil that gently penetrates the skin. They also usually come with a unique pouring spout that makes the oil easy to apply, melting into the skin and leaving it feeling smooth and moisturized.

Why You Should Introduce Massage Candles to the Bedroom

Whether you are alone or with a partner(s), massage candles allow you to create an intentionally intimate setting. They are also a great introductory accessory when beginning to explore bedroom toys. An erotic massage is an ideal way to dive into some foreplay with your lover — whether you are giving or receiving. The relaxing mood it creates can be especially suitable for people who have a hard time reaching orgasm due to overthinking. A sexy massage quiets noise in the brain and helps the receiver be more present during the moment. Calming the body brings comfortability and opens up an opportunity for deep, pleasurable intimacy. Rubbing each other down is a fun way to bond with a partner(s) and enhance your sex life. Give it a try on your next date night! (Maybe even with a blindfold for added sensation, if you feel daring!) But remember: Massage candle oils are not a safe lubricant, so keep it strictly to your skin.


If you find yourself without a partner, do not fret! You can have an equally satisfying and pleasurable experience alone with self-massage, which can help you feel more comfortable in your body. It also allows you the space to gain a better understanding of your higher sexual self and what feels good for you, which transforms into confidence. Listening to and aligning with your body is a wonderful way to rebalance and reconnect with the self. Studies show that taking the time to massage yourself increases circulation, stimulates organ function, helps your body detox, improves sleep, and nourishes the skin.


Another added benefit to incorporating massage candles in the bedroom is the aromatherapeutic benefits. Essential oils like clary sage, lavender, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, rose, bergamot and ginseng have aphrodisiac properties that will help get anyone in the mood before or during intimacy. The more you can incorporate all five senses into your lovemaking, the better your sex is going to be. Studies show that there is a link between memory, scent and emotion, so using a specific essential oil to encourage a romantic environment can create special experiences for years to come.

Last but not least, massage candles make great giftsfor a bachelorette party, Mother’s Day, or birthdays. They are encouraging without being too forward. Plus, regardless of whether used in a sensual context or not, they will add to the home decor with their scent and design. The added element of secrecy — aka hiding in plain sight — makes massage candles all the more playful and enjoyable.

Tips To Use

Light the candle for 15-30 minutes, blow out the flame, let the oil cool for two minutes, pour the oil over your skin and gently massage it in. The first time you light the candle, you should let it burn for however long it takes for the entire top to burn evenly; this will keep the candle from tunneling. Remember to wash your hands before and after. And once again, massage candle oils are not a safe lubricant, so keep it strictly to your skin. A plate or a small bowl may be useful if you do not feel comfortable pouring the oil directly from the candle. Keep the candle away from any flammable objects or materials. Be safe, practice consent, and have fun!

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