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Pleasure Wigs | Joey Wig Black

Pleasure Wigs | Joey Wig Black

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  • What to do when you want to try a new cut or color and want to know if it suits you?!
  • What to do when you have shaved your head for your favorite benefit?!
  • What to do when you are wearing that Sexy Costume and want to spice up your hair style?!
  • What to do when you are trying to conceal your identity from that annoying stalker who wants to see your every move (we hope not)?!

Well its quite simple.... here is what to do... Buy yourself a wig. Put it on, Set your imagination on fire and your identification to zero!

Our Range of Fully adjustable wigs are Made of human-like, high-quality, synthetic materials and can be washed, brushed then styled.

This little number has below the shoulder wavy curls in an sultry black with a fresh cut fringe. Now i know you have always wanted to try a stylish black bob or some long boho waves so you sultry little minx go for it!.


Washable: use warm water and soap; wigs will bounce back to original shape!

Full color packaging box is a great place to store the wig when not in use with all angles of model and wig visible on packaging.

Available in varying colors and styles and lengths.

SKU PW-8009-1-BLK
Colour Black
UPC 626633000912
Case Count 1
Brand Pleasure Wigs
Product Type Lingerie
Material Polyester
Weight 0.5kgs
Lingerie Style PJOEYWIG
Fabric Composition
Package Type Boxed
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