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Fetish Drip Wax Play- Red Parrafin Wax Body Candles

Fetish Drip Wax Play- Red Parrafin Wax Body Candles

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The unique paraffin wax formula in our Fire Sticks Red candle set is ideal for sensation play – fragrance free and has a low melting temperature (122 degrees Fahrenheit/ 50 degrees Celsius), with an estimated burn time of 30 minutes. The quality is amazing and the wax drips feel pleasantly hot on the body. Wax play is a sensual and exciting experience for both partners. Use these exciting wax candles to create suspense, entice your partner into enjoying the painful pleasure with every drip.

How to use:

Light the candle and let the hot wax drip gently on the body. Do not hold the candle too close to the body 60 - 90 cm is recommended when dripping. Never drip on the navel, intimate areas, openings, buttocks or skin folds.


- For lovers of SM

- Easy to use

- Slow burning wick

- Safe for beginners

- Candle for fantasy play

- Ignite your passion

- Fire Sticks Red

- Length/Each: 178mm

- Width Each: 15mm

- Measurements: height 17.8 cm, width 1.5 cm

- Materials: Paraffin wax

- Set of Three

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