Clone-A-Willy: How to Mold your Favorite Penis into a Vibrating Dildo

Clone-A-Willy: How to Mold your Favorite Penis into a Vibrating Dildo

clone a willy

Beginner’s Guide to Clone-A-Willy

Just add water (and a penis!) to create a vibrating replica of your favorite Willy. The Clone-A-Willy features everything you need to reproduce a detailed member in vibrator form, Whilst having some fun!.

While your first impression might be to dismiss it as a giggle-at-first-sight gimmick, but there are several unique benefits of a Clone-A-Willy kit. In all seriousness, homemade dildos can be a game changer for couples in long distance relationships who want to bring real, erotic connection to their intimacy while they are apart, amongst other sexy possibilities. Loved by couples all over the world, this is the kind of grown-up plaster of Paris that’ll leave you both excited to try. 

What’s Included in the Clone-A-Willy Moulding Kit

Cloning your penis isn't that difficult - it just requires a bit of preparation and precision when it comes to timing.

But, before you dive penis first into the moulding clay, be sure to read your instructional pamphlet and check you have all your ingredients and everything prepped.

Each kit should contain:

  • Moulding tube
  • Specially timed moulding powder
  • Two-part platinum-cure silicone mix
  • Single-speed vibrating unit
  • Full instructions
  • Thermometer
  • Stirring stick
You’ll also need to provide:
  • Measuring jug
  • Large mixing bowl
  • Clean disposable container
  • Spatula
  • Timer
  • Pair of scissors
  • Tape if your penis curves
  • 4-inch square of cardboard with a cut-out X in the middle
  • Pen

This is also the ideal time to give your pubes a trim. The mixture is very sticky and won’t be good if you get your hair stuck in it.

“What it doesn't say on the box, which we should have figured anyway really, was that pubic hair should be clipped or shaved off before moulding - result of not doing this was that his hair had become trapped in the now set liquid mould!” - Miss Kitty

How to Use Your Clone-A-Willy Moulding Kit


  1. Prepare your work station- you are about to create a work of art here, so you want to make sure that you have everything you need at the ready. This includes a large mixing bowl, spoon, scissors, cardboard, a cup that you do not mind discarding after, measuring jug, marker, and timer (the clock on your phone is just fine!).
  2. Take out the high-quality and algae-based molding powder that comes with the Clone A Willy and mix it in the bowl with water. You actually have to use a little thermometer that comes with the Clone A Willy kit to make sure that the temperature of the water that you are adding to the mold is just right. So yes, this does feel like a little bit of a science experiment, but way more fun.
  3. Once you start adding the appropriate amount of water into the bowl with the mold powder, you need to stir quickly because you will only have about two minutes to mix the mold and pour it into the plastic tube provided in the kit.
  4. Right after you put the mold mixture into the tube, you want to have your guy put his erect penis into the mold immediately. So, it is a good idea to have himself get properly aroused while you are making this mix or even before. This does take some coordination but you want to make sure you clone him with his strongest erection.
  5. It will take about 2-3 minutes for the mold to take shape around his penis, and then you carefully remove the tube from him and let the mold harden for another few hours.
  6.  As the mold hardens, you have plenty of time to mix the body-safe and latex-free silicone the Clone A Willy Kit provides that will actually be what is taking the shape of your future dildo.
  7. Simply pour the silicone mixture into the now hardened mold of your partner’s penis.
  8. This next part for me was the most exciting part: push the vibrator that comes in the Clone a Willy set into the base of the silicone dildo. Yes! It vibrates! This fun feature will give you even more pleasure than a regular dildo.
  9. And that is all! Let everything sit and harden for at least 24 hours, and then you have your new dick clone.


The Color

There is a wide range of different skin tones and colors to choose from. Selecting one that mimics your partner’s skin tone can make the finished result even more realistic. If you love bright colors, a neon shade may get your motor running.

Clone a willy color choices buy

Check out all the Clone-A-Willy colors available:




When I used the Clone A Willy I need to tell you that I was impressed with the level of detail the mold was able to replicate. In all honesty, I was ready for some skin-looking silicone tube to come out of that mold, so you can imagine my (and my boyfriend’s) pleasant surprise when the clone came out looking almost exactly like the real thing. Veins and glans, it was all there. I felt equally accomplished and turned on.

In the back of my mind, I was thinking about how fun it would be if my partner did this clone creation process on his own and then surprised me with a gift of his end result. A wrapped up silicone dildo in the shape of his penis would totally be something I would add on my Christmas last. Drop the hints now, ladies!

However I will say, I have heard from other users that the Clone A Willy kit may not come with enough silicone to properly clone penises on the larger side. So, if you are looking to clone a penis that has more girth or length than average, I would suggest upgrading to the Clone A Willy Plus Balls kit that gives your more mixing product to create an authentic mold. You can also buy extra mixing powder to help with this. 

In terms of use, I found this Clone A Willy dildo to be my go to dildo when my boyfriend and I are far apart, or when we really want to spice things up in the bedroom.


 Clone A Willy Comes in Glowing Shades of Green, Pink & Blue

Skin-safe materials

The mold power is created from high-grade materials that are completely skin safe. The platinum cured silicone is designed to mimic the feel of an actual penis. It is latex-free, making it suitable for allergy sufferers.

Comes with a bullet vibrator

Models that come with a vibrating bullet help to take the pleasure to the next level. This will be even more fun if there are several different vibration settings. It should be easy to change the speed to meet your needs.

Fun couple play

If you and your lover like to laugh together, this Replica Penis Cast is sure to exercise your chuckle muscles. Making the mold and using the finished product can be a lot of fun. This is also a great way to spice up your love life.

A great gift

This is a great gift for that one friend who seems to have everything. It makes a good engagement gift for women who don’t take themselves too seriously. They may protest that they will never use it, but you know they will.

Can you mold a pierced penis?

It is best to remove piercing before casting the penis. However, they can be left in if you want an extra sensation.

Soft won’t cut it

The penis has to be erect before it is placed in the mold. You or your partner need to remain erect for at least ninety seconds. This shouldn’t be too difficult if you are in the mood and enjoying a little stimulation.

Difficult to do alone

You are likely to need an extra pair of hands to do this correctly. For some couples, this can be a great bonding experience. However, this is not exactly a sexy experience, and maintaining an erection can be tricky.


Clone's Are Everywhere!