Dress up for adults! Role Play How and Why?

Dress up for adults! Role Play How and Why?

Coquette Bunny five piece set at Duchess and Daisy

Thought you might never reuse the Halloween Cat Costume you got last year? Think again! Costumes aren’t just for Christmas, Halloween or Easter. They can be used any (or every) night of the year to enhance your sex play. That’s right, we’re talking about role play, how to initiate it, and why it’s great.

Role play is about more than just walking around on all fours, lapping at saucers of milk. Role play is about indulging in your long-held fantasies and discovering new ones.

It’s about experimenting in the bedroom, and exploring a whole new dimension to your sex play. When someone adopts a different persona, whatever that may be, they often find it easier to open up and explore different scenarios, situations and ideas than they otherwise would. This can be an incredible thrill for both partners and, ultimately, leave you feeling closer.

What are the options?

The list of what you can do in role play, or what kind of activity you can try is endless. The important thing to consider first and foremost is what you want to get out of it. If you’re looking to explore a more dominant or submissive role, for helping you get into character. Costumes are great your partner, might be too shy to take on a dominant role, but that police-themed play will help ease you into it, and the handcuffs will certainly help.

If you want to bring back a little intrigue to your sex life, something as simple as a new item of clothing, or even a wig, can reintroduce the mystique.

Perhaps you just want to explore sex as someone, or something, else. Many of us have harbored a secret fantasy pairing, be it doctor/nurse, secretary/boss, student/teacher, and with a consenting partner, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore your deepest desires.

Maid me Costume Set at Duchess and Daisy

How to go about introducing it?

As with any kind of new bedroom play, it’s important to discuss it first with your partner. Explain what you’d like to get out of your roleplay and exactly what you’d like to happen in your fantasy. If you’re worried that your partner might be a little put off by your fantasy and worry that you’re secretly hankering after an old boss or teacher, frame it in a slightly different way. Explain that you had a dream about them where they had the starring role in your fantasy.

They’ll probably be quite turned on at the prospect of you having an erotic dream about them, and more inclined to explore it. Equally important as broaching it beforehand, is setting boundaries. If you’ve got any kind of dominance play in your fantasy, ensure you set your boundaries before you begin and have a safe word so that nothing gets out of hand.

How to prepare?

Plan your outfit. You’ve got your fantasy in mind, but it’s important to feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing. Look for a style of costume that’ll flatter your body shape and look for something that makes you feel as sexy as possible. This will ensure your fantasy play gets off to a flying start.

Also, consider where the role play will take place. If it’s in the bedroom, is there something you can do to enhance the play? Any props that might help set the scene? If you’re taking it outside of the bedroom, consider what your options are in the location of your choice. If you’re playing cops and robbers, remember you can’t actually go to the local jail!

Whether you’re going for sex kitten, school teacher or seductive secretary. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy yourselves. And, if you end up giggling, so what? Laughter is a great aphrodisiac!