Feather Ticklers - How to tickle your way through foreplay.

Feather Ticklers - How to tickle your way through foreplay.


So, you've always wondered about buying a Feather Tickler but not sure how you'll get use out of it?

You only need to look at the volume of online content related to sexual tickling to gauge how common (or indeed how popular) it is. Search results from Google - will give ‘tickle porn’ a hefty 600,000 hits at your disposal! Not to mention plenty of ‘how to tickle your partner’ style articles, as well as dating sites and meetup apps that cater to this specific audience. 

Luckily, the sky really is the limit when it comes to getting your enjoyment out of this little palm-sized pleasure tool. So here are some ways to start a tickle fantasy!.

Suprise and Tease: This feather tickler is small enough to pop in your handbag so why not take it and your lover down to your local wine bar and surprise them over a glass, by slowly emerging your feather tickler and running it down your décolletage or their hands. You can stroke it down your arm, brush it across your neck, even run it down your legs. You may not get to finish your wine but isn't that the point?

Senses Ignite: Food & feathers are my kind of thing?. Organise an array of sensual taste bites on a plate, blindfold your lover with a silk tie and use the tickler to caress their face, run it over their mouth and in the corners of their lips before feeding them tasty morsels.

Sensual Submissive: Be the ultimate tease and get your lover to lay down completely naked and use your tickler to lightly brush their whole body without touching the genitalia. Tickle and tantalise their inner thighs, their torso, their arms, hands, back and buttocks.

Wild Sensations: Collect a little basket of textures - your feather tickler, a silk tie, some faux fur, ice - anything you can think of that will feel good running along the skin. Be sure to get some contrasting sensations too, scratching, tickling, soothing, cold. Then play a little game by blindfolding your partner and alternating your pleasure instruments. Have them guess what each one is and you can choose the prize for them getting it right. 

Want a tickler? Go on give it a try. 

Duchess and Daisy,