Duchess and Daisy are proud to collaborate with Noir Handmade, and we are pleased to bring this line to Australian Women.

Noir Handmade was founded in 2010, specialising in the creation of unique high-quality fetish clothing, lingerie, accessories, and dresses. Noir is handmade at their exclusive manufacturing facility, and incorporates the finest ornamentation, European quality zippers, hardware, with exquisite detail given to fit and finish.

Classic Fetish

Tulle and Flocked Embroidery Feels as Sexy as it Looks. Do you know this Fet Worthy Design comes in a Dress, Bodysuit, Stockings & Teddy. Whats more? we have it all..


Luxury Eco Leather

Its's not PVC or PU, It is as soft as Leather with the shine of Latex. Noir Handcrafted the perfect Eco Leather Formula, We don't know what forms the Powerlook that's secret. But we can Guarantee it looks and feels amazing.


We are always spanning the globe to bring our fans the latest fine products which create our vast assortment of Seductive clothing. We are excited to now offer the Noir Handmade line at even better prices.